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  • recognizing the continuing contributions of the united states navy & coast guard’s surface forces in regards to the security of the united states
  • showcasing professional excellence within the surface naval forces
  • dealing with the challenges that are faced as surface naval forces in regards to national security
  • nurturing communication among military, academic, and business communities
  • enhancing and preserving the heritage of surface naval forces
  • providing forums on professional matters affecting surface naval forces and the united states navy and coast guard
federal sites
library of congress social security administration united states house of representatives united states senate
getting started
defenselink news and information about dod news and information about dod how do you know if reviews are fake make money on youtube how much money do u make on tiktok views do u get paid for tiktok the official navy website with an overview of the organization, ships, etc.
major installations/regions
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resume reviewer bumed tricare latest information on the health services program for military personnel and their families. united concordia military's dental plan
navy-related sites
navy/marine corps relief society navy memorial navy mutual aid association navy veteran locator u.s. naval institute
fleet forces command naval forces, central command naval forces, japan naval forces, korea naval forces, marianas u.s. 3rd fleet u.s. 4th fleet u.s. 6th fleet u.s. 7th fleet u.s. atlantic fleet u.s. pacific command u.s. pacific fleet
department of veterans affairs destroyers online fleet reserve association historic naval ships association (hnsa) marine corps mine warfare association naval order of the u.s. naval historical foundation naval technology navy league military officer association of america u.s. navy cruiser sailors association vietnam veterans
defense finance and accounting service the military pay section has the latest pay charts and allowances information. naval personnel command
all hands naval reservist news navy directives navy news service the principal news service of the don. surface warfare magazine
anchor scholarship foundation
naval vessel registry official registry of u.s. naval ships. navy surface forces uss constitution uss constitution museum
warrior-scholar project site of the warrior-scholar project. naval education and training site of the navy's training gurus. njrotc a program for high school students seeking the navy experience. nrotc all about the program that turns college students into officers. ntc great lakes
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