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The Surface Navy Association is your association.  We are proud to have chapters throughout the world.  Each chapter is unique and sponsors many events such as luncheons with speakers at the center of Surface Warfare, golf tournaments and 5K runs to promote camaraderie and public awareness, and programs to mentor our sailors, cuttermen and midshipmen. 

Please use the following information to contact your local chapter!

Anacostia Douglas Munro Chapter
CAPT Scott Smith, USCG (President)
LCDR Maggie Kennedy, USCG (Secretary)
Annapolis CDR Chad Graham, USN (President)
LT Adam McCann, USN (Vice President)
Arabian Gulf LTJG Jackie Callaghan, USN
Bath, Maine CAPT Sean Kearns, USN (President)
LT Joseph Sherman (POC)
Bay Area, CA CAPT Nathan Moore, USCG (President)
LCDR Kellee Nolan, USCG (VP)
Charleston CDR Carl Brobst, USN (President)
FCCS Jon Grygorcewicz, USN (Vice President)
Dahlgren CDR Ernest Swauger USN Ret (President)
Gaeta/Naples CAPT Richard Dromerhauser, USN (President)
LTJG Michael Haydell, USN (POC)
Great Lakes LT LT Andrew McCarthy, (POC)
Hampton Roads CAPT Chris Bushnell, USN (President)
CAPT Fred Berck, USNR (Ret) (Membership)
Korea Vacant
Mayport/Jacksonville CAPT Paul Young, USN (President)
LT Steven Soares, USN (Secretary)
Mid-South (Memphis, TN) CAPT Rick Cheeseman, USN  (President)
LCDR Dave Catterall, USN (Membership)
Monterey LT Kelli Guffey, USN (President)
CDR Mike McMaster, USN (Secretary/Treasurer)
National Cuttermen CAPT Scott Clendenin, USCG (President)
New York LT Michael Lombardi, USN (President)
Newport CAPT Scott Robertson, USN (President)
LCDR Lida Cooper, USN (Membership)
New London, Connecticut CDR Michael Turdo, USCG (President)
CDR Mark Walsh, USCG(VP)
Pearl Harbor CDR Timothy Wilke, USN (President)
Pensacola CAPT Tom Daniel USN Ret  (President) 
CDR Mark Wenzel USN Ret  (Vice President) 
Philadelphia RADM Joe Hare, USNR
Puget Sound CAPT Kyle Colton, USN (President)
San Diego CAPT Christopher Barnes, USN (President) 
CAPT Pat Marvil, USN RET (Membership)
Sasebo CAPT Ed Thompson, USN (President)
Tampa Bay CAPT James McTigue, USN (President)
USS CONSTITUTION CAPT Bill Mauser, USN (Ret)  (President)
CAPT Ramon D. O'Hara, USN P.O.C.
Yokosuka CAPT Jeff Bennett, USN (President)
LT Anthony Rush, USN (POC)
Washington, D.C.

CAPT Mike Doran, USN (President)
Membership Questions