Admiral Arleigh Burke Surface Warfare Operational Excellence Award

Deadline Date: October 15


Recognizing superior achievements in the operational aspects of Surface Warfare, by qualified Surface Warfare Officers & Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialists. This award not only recognizes the activity where operational excellence is demonstrated or required, but also in the activities during deployments of surface ships that require the skill & professionalism of all Surface Warriors.

Naval deployments constitute the basis for Forward Presence and Expeditionary Warfare demanded by our nation. They are quantifiable in time, mission, & result. The professionalism demonstrated during these deployments is extremely important to the continued improvement of the Surface Warfare community. Appropriate recognition of individuals who excel in the operational art of Surface Warfare is beneficial to the Surface Warfare Community, the United States Navy, as well as the United States.

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  • Candidates must be junior Surface Warfare Officers (SWO) or junior Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialists (ESWS), in the United States Navy, or in the United States Naval Reserve.
  • These Candidates must have exhibited sustained excellence in the operational art of Surface Warfare, on US Navy surface ships.
  • Note: Deployments of 120 days or longer must be completed from 01 October through 30 September of current year.

  • Candidates must be grade E-3 through E-7, W-2 through W-4, or O-1 through O-4.
  • Note: This award focuses on & recognizes the superior operational performance by our junior leaders.


  1. The Commanding Officer may nominate one SWO Officer and one ESWS Sailor, from the crew, who have completed a deployment of 120 days or longer and have displayed exceptional execution of Surface Warfare Operations during the deployment. Every discipline of Operational Surface Warfare should be taken into account when considering selectees. Selectees should have demonstrated superior action or commendable results in one or more of these significant Surface Warfare disciplines.
  2. Note: These disciplines are not limited to, but include the following: Deck Seamanship, Shiphandling, Weapons Control, Engineering, Maintenance, Damage Control, Navigation, Welldeck & Flightdeck performance, Fiscal Management, Leadership, Training, Command & Control, Communications, Food Service, & Administration.

  3. The nominee’s accomplishments will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. One officer & one enlisted member from the Atlantic & the Pacific commands, will be deemed by the Awards Committee to be especially worthy of further recognition. These nominee’s will be brought to the Executive Committee in order to receive an invitation to attend the annual Surface Navy Association National Symposium to accept their award.
  4. Note: While no truly worthy SWO or ESWS member should be overlooked in the nomination processes, the target recipients for these awards are Enlisted Members (E-3 to E-7) & Officers (W-2 to W-4, O-1 to O-4).