CAPT Raymond A. Komorowski Photography Award

Deadline Date: October 01


This award was initiated to showcase the professional activities & lives of the Surface Warfare Community. Featuring images that represent their contribution in the following areas; naval warfare; archival material, & educating the citizens of the United States regarding surface warfare department & its achievements.


  • The award is divided into three categories: Ships, Operations (gunnery, refueling, etc.), & Personal Interest (must be Surface Navy related, can include family).
  • Photographers may submit a maximum of 3 photos; black-and-white or color prints.
  • Note: Minimum print size is 5" x 7". Digital images must have a display dimension of 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" and at least 2100 pixels on the long side and 300 DPI. Selected images will be made into posters for display at the National Symposium. Resolution must be high enough to support this size increase.

  • Submissions may be taken throughout the year and are submitted electronically.
  • Must pass all Navy safety standards and be in good taste and conduct. Must be unclassified – no scenes with classified material/spaces in the background.
  • Photo submissions are accepted from both amateur & professional photographers in the following categories: SNA Member, SNA Member Dependents, or select Non-Members.
  • Select Non-Members include active duty, reserve, retired military in the U.S. Uniform Services, or a DoD employee/contractor.

  • Entries must not have been previously published, in any media accessible to the public or Navy-wide (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Prior publication could result in the relinquishment of prize awards. Entries must be received electronically by established contest deadlines.

Type of Recognition

There are three winners in each category and one is designated as the Grand Prize Winner.

Category winners will receive $100 and the Grand Prize winner will receive an additional $500 and an invitation to SNA’s Annual Symposium. Photographers are only eligible to win one award unless awarded the Grand Prize.

Image Usage

Photographers retain ownership and copyright of their submitted images. In consideration of the awards presented to the winning images, photographers grant exclusive use of their winning images to the SNA for use in their various media starting from selection as winner until 30 days after the National Symposium where the award is presented. Additionally, photographers grant continued non-exclusive use of their winning images to the SNA for use in their various media and Surface Warfare Magazine for a period of three years after the National Symposium. SNA use of any submitted images not winning awards will be at the discretion of SNA and subject to arrangements with the respective photographers.

Note: All photos become the property of the Surface Navy Association for exclusive use until thirty days after the SNA Annual Symposium. Prize photos will be submitted for possible publication in Surface Warfare Magazine. The winning photographs will be displayed appropriately at the annual SNA Symposium.