Expert Shiphandler Award


Surface Warfare professionals have always prided themselves on expert handling of their ships. Since the early days of sailing ships, an Officer of the Deck or Captain of a ship develops & maintains a reputation as a professional seafarer in large part by the skilled handling of his or her ship in all types of weather, formation maneuvers, approaches to the anchorage or pier, keeping to the channels & fairways in ports & harbors & more recently, taking & maintaining position alongside in underway replenishment. Crisp, direct & safe handling of the ship are marks of the expert. The purpose of this award is to recognize Surface Warfare professionals that excel in the art of naval shiphandling.


The winner of the SURFOR shiphandling competition will be recognized by this award.


  1. SURFOR will control the schedule & participants for the Shiphandling trainers in Norfolk, Virginia, & San Diego, California, respectively & other elements of the shiphandling competitions.
  2. At the conclusion of the competitive cycle for the Shiphandling Competitions, Surface Navy Association (SNA) will be notified of the winner & runner-up.
  3. Note: SNA will not take part in the selection of the eventual winner of the competition.

Type of Recognition

The winner will be presented with the Shiphandler Award that includes an engraved plaque & invited to the National SNA Symposium to participate in the Awards Luncheon & Banquet. The runner-up will receive a certificate of recognition.