Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many nominees can a command submit?
    • There is no maximum number.

  2. Can the nominator also be the Commanding Officer?
    • No, the nominator must be equal or junior in rank and not the Commanding Officer.

  3. Can the endorsement be sent from the Commanding Officer instead of the ISIC?
    • Yes, the endorsement of the nomination will be sent from the nominee’s Commanding Officer.

  4. Does the nomination need to be routed through the chain of command and endorsed by the Commanding Officer?
    • Yes, all nominations must be endorsed by the Commanding Officer.

  5. How long should the nomination be in length?
    • Preferably not more than one page, however if the nominator feels they need to write more, that is acceptable.

  6. Who signs the nomination write-up?
    • The nominator who is equal or junior in rank/rate to the nominee is the correct person to sign the write-up.  The Commanding Officer cannot sign the nomination form.