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Final Call

We have been notified of the following members' passing...

VADM Edward S. Briggs, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Roy Francis Hoffman, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral William H. Rowden, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral David Michael Bennett, USN(Ret)

Mr. Sheldon C. Johnson

Mr. Christopher Deegan

Vice Admiral Albert Herberger, USN(Ret) (Updated)

Rear Admiral James Greene, USN(Ret)

Captain Paul X. Rinn, USN(Ret)
Tribute by David Larter and Bradley Peniston in Washington Post

Commander Robert Anthony Kurzawa, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral William Miley "Bill" Forgarty, USN(Ret)

Captain Charles S. Vogan, Jr., USN(Ret)

Commander Ronald Floyd Bishop, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Michael P. Nowakowski, USN(Ret)

Captain E. W. Hays, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Edward B. Baker, Jr., USN(Ret)

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Ronald Charles Wilgenbusch, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Harry K. Fiske, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral James Blenn Perkins III, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Charles F. Horne, III, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Robert C. Jones, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Paul M. Robinson, USN(Ret)

Captain David Howard McKinley, USN(Ret)

Captain John Frank Gamboa, USN(Ret)

Captain John J. Kieley, III, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral John Theodore "Ted" Parker, USN(Ret)
    Tribute by RADM Sam Cox, USN(Ret)

James David Hornfischer

Vice Admiral John W. Nyquist, USN(Ret)
    Tribute by RADM Sam Cox, USN(Ret)

Captain Eugene Terrence O'Brien, USN(Ret)

Captain Elliott Bloxom, USN(Ret)

RADM Milton Schultz Jr., USN(Ret)

VADM Walter Theodore Piotti, USN(Ret)

Captain Henry Fred Berck, Jr., USN(Ret)

Captain Andrew Combe, USN(Ret)

Captain Frank Horn, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral Douglas C. Plate, USN(Ret)

Captain James Matlock, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Robert "Bob" Sutton, USN(Ret)
     Tribute by RADM Samuel Cox, USN(Ret)

Admiral Carlisle A. H. Trost, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral H.L. Young, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral F. Neale Smith, USNR(Ret)

Captain James L. "Larry" May, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Myron V. Ricketts, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral William Albert "Bill" Walsh, USN(Ret)
     Tribute by RADM Samuel Cox, USN(Ret)

Commander John Kirk Ferguson, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral Thomas Dean Paulsen, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral B. Bruce Newell, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral William Mathis, USN (Ret)
Interment  and Reception Details

Rear Admiral Thomas William McNamara, USN(Ret)

Commander William F. Bundy, USN(Ret)

Captain Wayne P. Hughes, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral William D. Daniels, USN(Ret)

Rear Admiral John F. Addams, USN(Ret)

Vice Admiral Philip Quast, USN (Ret)

Commander Robert Rositzke, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Merrill Ruck, USN (Ret)

Captain John J. Burke, III, USN (Ret)

Captain John Lee "Skip" MacMichael, USN (Ret)

Captain Edward "Ted" Alexander, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Joseph C. Strasser, USN (Ret)

Vice Admiral William F. "Scot" McCauley, USN (Ret)

Captain Rosemary Mariner, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Mack Gaston, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Vernon Smith, USN (Ret)

Captain Lee Kaiss, USN (Ret)

Captain George E. Sullivan, USN (Ret)

Captain John �Mike� Fahey, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral John J. Sweeney, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Richard D. Milligan, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Raymond Guy Zeller, USN (Ret)

Commander James Michael McGrath, USN (Ret)

Captain Maylon Scott, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Herbert M. Bridge, USNR

Captain Teresa Elaine Elders, USN

Mrs. Ruth Metcalf
(Wife of the late VADM Joseph Metcalf, III, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Donald P. Roane, USN (Ret)

Vice Admiral Emmett H. Tidd, USN (Ret)

Vice Admiral James Doyle, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Lawrence Layman, USN (Ret)

Captain Joseph L. Lockett III, USN (Ret)

Admiral Stansfield Turner, USN (Ret)

Commander James Michael McGrath, USN (Ret)

Captain Zip Rausa, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Peter Conrad, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Ming E. Chang, USN (Ret)

Mr. Ronald K. Kiss

Captain Terry Mosher, USN (Ret)

Commander Steven Swicegood, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Floyd H. (Hoss) Miller, USN (Ret)

Commander Danny R. Kimberlain, USN (Ret)

Captain Donald Hendrix Nash, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Richard Kern Fontaine, USN (Ret)

Captain Robert A. Goff, USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Conrad J. Rorie, USN (Ret)
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