Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman of the Year Award


The Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman (SFIDC) Navy Enlisted Code (NEC) 8425 was established to identify highly motivated and specially trained Hospital Corpsman to manage health programs and provide primary care under indirect supervision at sea.   

SFIDC’s are Hospital Corpsmen pay grades E-5 through E-9 who have successfully completed SFIDC “C” School and have been awarded the NEC 8425.  An SFIDC is a health care provider who, when certified, may provide primary care for active duty service members under indirect supervision. SFIDC’s perform their clinical, administrative, and logistical duties as the Senior Medical Department Representative (SMDR) for the surface force.   


The nominating Commanding Officer may nominate one SFIDC (HM-8425) in pay grades E-5 through E-9 who, through his or her exceptional performance, has significantly contributed to Surface Force Medicine and overall health and welfare of their Sailors. All SFIDC’s (E5 to E-9) currently serving on active duty afloat and who have served for the duration of the award period may be nominated. Nominee must be a member of ship’s company.  Nominee’s contributions should include, but are not limited to: 

A.  Technical competency and performance while performing independent of a medical officer. 

B.  Proven leadership and management of a medical department. 

C.  Well rounded performance as a Sailor performing as a team player outside the Medical Department. 

D.     Contribution to the overall command and Navy mission; i.e. deployments, operations and missions.

E.      Nominees should have ESWS Pin. 

Information provided for the SFIDC of the Year shall cover performance from 1 October 2015 to 31 September 2016.

Subordinate commands will submit nomination packages to their respective TYCOM Senior Independent Duty Corpsman at COMNAVSURFPAC, San Diego, CA and COMNAVSURFLANT, Norfolk, VA Force Medical



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