Classification: Recognition
Criteria: Active Duty Surface Warfare Officer with the earliest date of qualification as Officer of the Deck, Underway (OOD-F).


Search of BUPERS Records by Chief of Naval Operations upon the request of Director of Surface Warfare (N86).


Type of Recognition:

An engraved name tag will be added to the base of the Old Salt Statue which is to be held in sacred custody during his active duty tenure.  The Old Salt statue is shifted upon retirement to the next officer determined by the search of records, recommended by N86 and approved by the Board of SNA.



Award Date:

Upon retirement of the present Old Salt



Replica Award:


a.  A replica of the Old Salt statue will be awarded by the President of SNA at the Annual
                 SNA symposium Banquet to the recently retired Old Salt.  SNA will pay for the awardee’s
                 travel expenses.

 b.  This replica presentation serves to cement the initial recognition; and acts as a
                   reaffirmation of faith by SNA nationally that becoming an OOD Underway is,
                   was, and will remain important; recognition that the original statue was entrusted
                   to him by N86 for all surface warriors who ever lived or will live, and was safely
                   and nobly accounted for on his watch, and, therefore, the replica is provided for his
                   retention for life with a “very well done.”  When honoring a retiree, at a minimum
                   bring the present Old Salt onto the stage and recognize all other Old Salts in the audience.  

             c.  To conserve expenses, if the interval between one Old Salt and another is less
                  than ninety days, the award may be made to the next subsequent Old Salt.  The
                  intervening Old Salt will be presented an Old Salt replica in view of his or her service
                  to the Surface Navy.


Miscellaneous Information:

When the Annual Symposium is held and SNA is NOT honoring a recently retired Old Salt with the presentation of a Replica, the podium Emcee will introduce all the Old Salts who are in attendance in the audience for a round of applause-in place (first acknowledging the incumbent Old Salt, and then the others).

  Past Award Winners

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