Classification: Recognition
Name: USS CONSTITUTION Master Gunner George Sirian Meritorious Service Award


To recognize the continuation of Master Gunner George Sirian's historic spirit of excellence in today's Chief Petty Officers.


Constitution's fame and lasting legacy are personified in her Officers and Crew, from her illustrious list of Commanding Officer (Preble, Stewart, Hull, et al), Officers (Charles Morris) and crew members such as Master Gunner George Sirian, who served with distinction with the Surface Navy and in multiple tours in USS CONSTITUTION for nearly a half-century; first as an ordinary seaman, and then later as a Master Gunner and Warrant Officer.


the award will recognize one Chief Petty Officer in the Surface Navy who most clearly and fully demonstrates those attributes of Master Gunner George Sirian including technical expertise, dedication, and leadership.  Specific selection criteria against which a nominee will be judged includes:

      a.   Consistent long-term demonstration of inspirational leadership in the face of adversity,
            accomplished with honor, courage and commitment, in the highest traditions of Naval Service.

      b.   Exercising exceptional seamanship and operational excellence in Surface Warfare skills, as
            exemplified by Master Gunner George Sirian.

      c.   Demonstrated exemplary performance in:
            (1)  Organization and management skills
            (2)   Mission accomplishment
            (3)   Vision
            (4)   Motivation and leadership
            (5)   Promotion of military service
            (6)   Mentorship of junior Sailors



Each Immediate Senior in the Chain of Command (ISIC) can nominate one Chief Petty Officer (E-7) to the appropriate Type commander.  Nomination package (excluding endorsement letters) should be o greater than two typed pages in length (10 point font or greater) which:

      a.   Includes full name/rate/rank, date of rank, and a one-paragraph biography including list of
      b.   Specifically addresses each of the six award criteria.
      c.   Specifically addresses how the nominee has furthered the art of Surface Warfare, seamanship
            and operational excellence.

Selection will be made by the Surface Navy Association, USS CONSTITUTION Chapter in conjunction with the Surface Force Commander.  Selection results will be forwarded to the SNA National Executive Committee for concurrence.


Award Type:

This annual award will be presented aboard the USS CONSTITUTION during the Chief Petty Officer Leadership Week Turnaround Cruise.  Expenses for INCONCUS travel will be provided by the Surface Navy Association.  OUTCONUS travel expenses must be funded by award recipient or parent command. Specific guidance regarding gifts of travel and government travel is in accordance with current government regulations.

      The award-winner will receive the following:

      a:   19th centruy replica navy cutlass, with the SNA Insignia, the recipient's name engraved and
             appropriate date.
      b.   Letter of recognition from COMNAVSURFOR and the Commanding Officer,
      c.   Citation from the USS Constitution Chapter, Surface Navy Association.



Time Line:

The process kicks off with an ALNAVSURFOR message in mid-march.  General annual timeline:
- 15 Mar - SURFOR Msg announcing the program timeline, process, format
- 30 Apr - Candidate submissions (incl endorsements) are due to FORCMs.
- May- Jun - FORCMs vet candidates and notify SNA USS Constitution Chapter.
- 15 Jun - Chapter selects awardee.
- Jun-Aug - Travel and Lodging coordination among Chapter/Awardee/ CONSTITUTION
- Wk 3 Aug -Heritage/ GSA Award Week
- Wk 4 Aug - Awardee returns to his/her command


Announcement of this award and request for nominees will be made by COMNAVSURFOR.  A press release reporting on the award ceremony will be generated by SNA for distribution to various Navy publications (Navy Times, All Hands, Surface Warfare Magazine and Naval Base papers.)
  Past Award Winners
  2007 Siran Award News Clip

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