Vice Admiral Robert L. Walters Scholarship

The Surface Navy Association Scholar receives an academic scholarship awarded for demonstrated leadership, community service, academic achievement and a commitment to pursuing higher educational objectives.

Note: Application packages must be postmarked by March 1 of the current year. Email and Fax submissions will NOT be accepted. Please mail to, Surface Navy Association, Attn: Scholarship, 6551 Loisdale Ct, Suite 222, Springfield, VA 22150

Selection Qualifications

  • Must be a Surface Navy Association Member or dependent child, stepchild, ward or spouse of a current Surface Navy Association Member. The member must be in their second or subsequent consecutive year of membership.
  • Note: Member must maintain current membership throughout scholarship award period if awarded.

  • Member can be serving, retired or honorably discharged and must be a Surface Warfare Officer or Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist.  Qualified members must serve for a minimum of 3 years on surface ships of the U.S. Navy or a Coast Guardsman, Officer or Enlisted, with a permanent Cutterman Pin. Surface ships include carriers, combatants, amphibious, service force, mine force, tenders, and U.S. Coast Guard cutters of all classes.
  • The 3 years need not be consecutive but must have been served on active duty.
  • This award is a grant limited to $2000 per year for a maximum of four years provided a 3.0 grade point average is maintained.
  • There is no minimum service period for children or spouses of personnel who died on active duty while serving in a surface ship or cutter.
  • The Surface Navy Association scholarships are for studies in an accredited full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program. Fulltime status may be waived in the case of spouses as long as they maintain a course load of 6 semester hours
  • Note: The Surface Navy Association will not discriminate on the basis of rank, race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, or religion in the consideration and awarding of scholarships. Awards will be made on the basis of the individual’s application, using a “whole person” concept, considering the candidate’s scholastic proficiency, non-scholastic activities, scholastic and non-scholastic awards, character and financial needs

Submission Requirements

All applicants MUST enclose the following with your completed application
  • A 500 word essay (CLICK HERE for more information)
  • Please list community activities, athletics and jobs. Please list with date(s) of involvement and estimated amount of time spent per week.
  • Three Recomendation letters from teachers, counselors or other persons of influence in your life, other than relatives, who have known you for at least two years and are in a position to address your character, citizenship, and leadership.
  • Note: Only 3 letters of recommendation will be accepted. Please do not send additional letters.

High School Seniors (additional requirements)
  • A certified transcript or photocopy of your high school grades. MUST include first semester of high school senior year.
  • A copy of ACT or SAT scores that include applicant's full name.

Active Duty or Drilling Reservists (additional requirements)
  • A letter from your Commanding Officer commenting on your military service and leadership potential.
  • A certified transcript or photocopy of the grades from your most recent four semesters of school.
  • A copy of your ACT or SAT scores if available.

All Others (additional requirements)
  • A certified transcript or photocopy of the grades of your four most recent semesters of school to include high school transcript if 4 semesters of college have not been completed.
  • A copy of ACT or SAT test scores unless you are currently attending a college or university.