Surface Navy Association Enlisted Professional Education Grant Program

Monetary scholarship grants to be given to active duty enlisted sailors to pursue professional or technical education outside of the Navy or Coast Guard training system in order to develop skills that will enhance their ability to perform their assigned duties as well as improve their opportunity and competitiveness for advancement.

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Selection Qualifications

  • Must be a Surface Navy Association Member.
  • Note: If not a member, a membership application must be completed and submitted before educational grant application will be considered.
  • Must be active duty E-4 through E-6 and provide proof of ESWS or Cutterman qualification (Reservists on any type of active duty orders at least one year in duration, for paygrades E-4 through E-6, are also eligible).
  • Demonstrate need for financial assistance with lab costs, books, parking or other miscellaneous fees.
  • Awards will not exceed $600 per award or $1,200 per year.

Submission Requirements

  • Completion of Surface Navy Association’s Educational Grant Application.
  • Application must be submitted for approval within 6 months of the commencement date of the course.
  • Note: The distribution of the Grants will be on an as-required basis or when possible, each quarter, to facilitate Surface Navy Association accounting and audit requirements. Checks will be made payable to the service member. Grant availibility is subject to annual funding level changes; grants will be awarded on first come, first serve basis.